— 2012

Aluminium, Acrylic, LED

Essentially, the Pipeline series is a linear LED pendant; however what sets apart this stark light is the ability to expand the scale of the fixture with the use of modular components to suit a wide range of applications.

Because the series is wide ranging in scale, orientation as well as customizable it is more conveniently presented in several categories; singular pendants; linear pendants; and the custom (CM) series.  

Singular pendants (Pipeline 40, Pipeline 125) are available in two convenient lengths and are may be suspended individually, sequentially or in groups.

Linear pendants are a consecutive run of Pipeline 40/Pipeline 125 body segments joined using a modular connecting collar to facilitate longer applications.  90º elbows may also be used in conjunction with linear sections to change direction of the linear run.

The Pipeline CM series is a collection of dynamic, sculptural, large scale luminaires which re-approach the conventional notion of the chandelier.

Manufactured by ANDlight

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